Becoming financially literate can not only ensure your fiscal security, but it opens a range of doors and possibilities for employment growth as well.  Liz Zetazate’s journey from obscurity to a financial success began in the Visaya region of The Philippines. “I am the youngest of five girls. My parents were always very strict, but always reminded us to be our own person,” Liz explained.

Liz was thrust into marriage and motherhood at 16. Her family struggled. She was trained and worked as a midwife, but couldn’t seem to build any savings. “I knew I had to leave; I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I made a promise to myself that I would move out of the country by [the age of] 31.”

Exploring new frontiers

A classified advertisement for a nanny position in Hong Kong proved to be her ticket out. Liz worked as a nanny for years, raising her boss’ children alongside her own. When she had the opportunity to nanny for a TV executive in Canada for $18,000 a year, it was enough for her to uproot again and start a new life in Toronto.

After buying a small life insurance policy, Liz was inspired by the entire process believing that she could do it too. It was an awakening. With that, Liz joined a traditional life insurance distributor as an advisor. “I was so amazed. I went from making $18,000 to $66,000 a year doing something that actually helped people.” Liz wasn’t trained in finance, but was trained in helping people as it was what she did her whole life.

After eight years at the company, Liz felt like she had plateaued and was approached with an opportunity to join World Financial Group. “It was what I was doing before, but with the opportunity to build a larger business, it was much more entrepreneurial.” Liz quickly flourished, hitting personal milestone after personal milestone.

“Success is when you don’t worry about anything. You wake up knowing that life is good and beautiful."

In 2014 Liz hit the $1,000,000 of personal income mark utilizing a passion and soul driven to change a generation. Liz’s career has been built on a foundation of first understanding her own financial situation, how to best maximize, save, and balance her income, then teach those best practices to others. “Strong financial literacy is the key,” she explains.

Achieving success

When asked about her notion of success and how to attain it, Liz comments that “success is when you don’t worry about anything. You wake up knowing that life is good and beautiful. It’s having your partner and kids there with you. You can do whatever you want, with no barriers to stop you from achieving your destiny.”  

As a woman of faith, Liz abides with the truth that nothing can stop you from reaching your full potential. When asked about advice she would give to anyone on the hinge of deciding what to do with their life, Liz shares age old wisdom passed down from her father: “to be that someone who plants a seed in the soil so that 20 years from now, when someone is being sheltered from the shade of the tree which sprouted from the seed you planted, you know you’ll never be forgotten.”

With the support of her husband Rudy, her children and grandchildren, Liz continues to recruit, mentor, and train associates who aspire to become successful in the financial services industry. Passion for people and a stellar belief that every problem has a solution has led this remarkable lady in her journey from being a midwife to being a millionaire today.