The MoneyShow Toronto, happening September 8-9, 2017 at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, is the premier education event for self-directed investors and active traders in Canada. The free, two-day pass will give you unlimited access to an exciting array of topics and world-class insights to fit your investing and trading needs, including keynote presentations, interactive workshops, live trading demonstrations, and spirited panel discussions. With over 75 topics to choose from, you’ll leave with the knowledge you need to become more skillful and confident when navigating any market condition.

Gordon Pape, an experienced investor, author, and columnist will be discussing his outlook on the Canadian market going into 2018 at the show this September.

Mediaplanet: What is the most common misconception when it comes to investing?

Gordon Pape: Market timing. Despite all the studies that have proven that no one can time the market on a consistent basis, people continue to ask me if it is time to sell and get out of stocks. I would never advise that drastic a move. If you are concerned about the market, adjust your asset allocation to reduce risk. That means taking some profits in equities to reduce the stock weighting and shifting those assets to fixed income or cash.

MP: Can you give us your number one investing tip for experienced investors?

GP: Never let emotion influence your investment decisions. Every buy/sell decision should be made on a rational, analytical basis. Even experienced investors tend to fall in love with winners and are reluctant to take profits even when the stock has reached unsustainable highs. On the other side of the equation, there is always the temptation with a losing stock to wait until it gets back to break-even before selling. That thinking can lead to some major losses. If a stock loses 25%, it needs to be reviewed. Ask yourself the question: would I buy it now? If the answer is no, sell. 

MP: What will you be discussing at the Money Show in September?

GP: The outlook for the Canadian market going into 2018. The TSX is the worst performing major market in the world so far. That’s surprising in view of the strength displayed by the Canadian economy, but it reflects the imbalance in our market, which is heavily skewed to finance and energy.

Financial Post journalist and 5i Research founder, Peter Hodson is another keynote speaker at the conference.

Mediaplanet: Give us a little background on 5i Research.

Peter Hodson: I started 5i Research in 2011 to provide conflict-free research and advice to investors. The investment industry is filled with conflicts, and I wanted to change the research model after seeing how the individual investor is severely disadvantaged by the investment industry.

MP: What advice would you give to a millennial getting into the investment realm for the first time?

PH: Time is on your side, so you can be more aggressive. Fees are your worst enemy, so do all that you can to reduce or eliminate investment management fees.

MP: What will you be discussing at the Money Show in September?

PH: I’ll be discussing “Five Times Five (25) Investment Points you need to know”.