t’s not easy being an investor these days. Canadians have to navigate their portfolios through markets being altered by changing economies, high market volatility, shifting demographics and relentless technological innovation. Indeed, it’s not easy being an investor in a world of high-frequency trading, Big Data and geopolitical risks.

It’s clear to me that investors want and need better solutions from the asset management industry. Amid all the changes, shifts and transformations, investors want and need the asset management industry to evolve. Mackenzie Investments recognizes this reality and that’s why we are evolving to serve investors better.

You’ve probably heard the old saying that “no one likes change”. Quite the contrary – change is exciting. We’re not afraid to evolve to help investors. We are changing alongside investors. Here are three key ways that Mackenzie is reshaping itself to be a stronger asset-management partner to investors and their financial advisors.

1. Deliver top risk-adjusted performance

Our goal is to provide risk-adjusted returns that help investors achieve their goals over their time horizons. Our 10 boutique investment teams focus on their strengths and apply them to particular asset classes, sectors, or investment strategies. Our teams work together closely, bringing different skills and expertise to the joint effort of delivering competitive risk-adjusted returns. If we need extra expertise, we draw on our relationships with leading firms like Irish Life and TOBAM.

2. Deliver quality products

We want to provide our asset-manager expertise and solutions to investors in ways that best fit how they want to use it. As such, we strive to offer a choice of quality products that give you confidence in your portfolio. We offer performance in many different forms: ETFs, mutual funds, alternative investments, Private Wealth Pools or managed solutions.

For example, we launched innovative solutions designed to help you navigate the fixed income world differently: the Mackenzie Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund and active fixed-income ETFs. We’re also leading in the growth of alternative investments. The Mackenzie Diversified Alternatives Fund offers broad exposure to alternative asset classes so investors, through their financial advisors, can diversify their portfolios in a new way.

3. Support the value of advice

We believe that receiving professional financial advice is essential for investors to achieve financial success. Mackenzie works closely with a national network of financial advisors to constantly strengthen our relationships with them and their clients. Advisors help us to understand what investors need and want from an asset management partner. Advisors help us deliver better solutions to investors in this changing world.

One focus: investors

Fortunately, Mackenzie controls one thing that won’t change: Our focus on investors. Everything we do at Mackenzie starts with investors in mind. That won’t change. We evolve from there, guided by our commitment to the financial success of investors, through their eyes. We understand it’s not easy being an investor today. So Mackenzie is evolving to deliver excellence to investors through our investment management, products and relationships with financial advisors. We want our asset management expertise and solutions to give Canadians a smoother, more confident journey as investors. That would be better, for a change.

Barry McInerney is President and CEO of Mackenzie Investments.

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