More and more investors are recognizing the personal and financial benefits of socially responsible investing (SRI). At the beginning of 2016, the global market for SRI securities reached US$22.89 trillion — a 25 percent increase from 2014.1 With a steadily growing demand for socially responsible investments, the mutual fund industry has responded with a wide array of options.

But not all funds that are classified as socially responsible meet the same standards. At iA Clarington, we believe the highest standard of socially responsible investing is achieved when a fund has the following five characteristics.


The fund management team should have dedicated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) experts working seamlessly with financial analysts in a fully integrated investment selection process.

ESG experts should ensure that only companies that meet socially responsible criteria are considered, while financial analysts will assess a company’s prospects for targeted returns. Only securities that satisfy both groups of experts qualify for inclusion in the fund.


The fund manager should screen out companies that do not meet ESG standards (negative screening). But it’s equally important to actively seek out companies that pursue a progressive ESG agenda (positive screening).


A fund that’s truly committed to SRI should rule out investments in companies whose primary line of business includes tobacco, nuclear power, military weapons, adult entertainment, and gambling.


The portfolio manager should continuously monitor the fund’s holdings to ensure companies remain true to the ESG standards that qualified them for inclusion in the fund.

When a company appears to deviate from these high standards, the portfolio manager should leverage the fund’s status as a shareholder to call company boards and management to account.


If you’re concerned that some funds may only be paying lip service to SRI, there’s a simple way to root out the pretenders: check the prospectus for an unambiguous statement that identifies socially responsible investing as the fund’s core investment objective. If no such statement is present, the portfolio manager may have a lukewarm commitment to SRI.

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